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Darren McFadden re-injures ankle against Broncos

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The Raiders finally got Darren McFadden back in the lineup this week after a month out with a high ankle sprain. Now they may be without him again. Just. Like. That.

Ezra Shaw

At halftime in this game Darren McFadden had 7 yards on 5 carries for a 1.7 yards per carry average. Then he broke off a 36 yard run on the first play of the second half. He finished with 11 carries for 52 yards but his day ended when he re-injured his ankle.

"Darren also went down at the end of the game with that same ankle," said Dennis Allen. "We just got off the field so I don't know exactly where it is I just know he wasn't able to finish the game."

We should know more tomorrow but logic would suggest it doesn't look good and seems possible he could be shut down for the final three games. Outside of that one run, he had 10 carries for 16 yards. And that one run was not between the tackles. So, it would not be a great loss to the team. Not that any loss would change the Raiders trajectory this season.