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Fan falls from upper deck at Raiders Thursday night game

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Immediately following the Raiders 26-13 loss to the Broncos on Thursday night, I received word of the tragic news that fan had fallen from the upper deck onto the concourse.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The distance of the fall is projected at about 50 feet. Initials sources said it was no accident but police later said it was as accident. EMT's on the scene said that the fan is in serious condition with life threatening injuries from the fall.

The incident was said to have occurred around the five minute mark of the fourth quarter. There are no details yet as to the state of mind of the fan or his specific reasoning for making the leap.

It appeared from the onset that this was a suicide attempt. It comes less than a week after Jovan Belche of the Chiefs murdered his girlfriend and committed suicide at the team facility and a Cleveland Browns groundskeeper committed suicide by hanging himself at the stadium in Cleveland.

This is a disturbing trend and it seems to be tied to the league's losing franchises this season. It could be just a coincidence but it is disturbing none the less.

I will pass along more word on the details surrounding the fan at as soon as they are discovered. Hopefully he pulls through.