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Rod Streater 100 yard game more than a milestone

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Rod Streater caught four passes Thursday night for his first 100 yard game-- much of it coming on a 58-yard grab. To say it was a milestone this rookie would be an understatement. This story is bigger than that.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Streater never had a 100 yard game in college. In fact, his best game at Temple was 88 yards. He surpassed that figure last week when he had three catches for 96 yards. He had just 19 catches his senior season at Temple and he surpassed that total in week 10 in Baltimore. That lack of college production is what had him go undrafted last April. Since then, his life took a big turn.

"Didn't think I'd be playing football anymore," said Streater. "Honestly I was looking for a job I got my degree and I just gave it a shot. I might as well work out. I like to work out. I had a good pro day and things just turned around from there. I'm just glad I gave it a shot."

Streater had a degree in communications and public relations from Temple. But when the Raiders showed up at his pro day, little did he know, he would the communication he would be doing was on an NFL field in Silver and Black. Now this rebuilding club has turned to him as their most reliable receiver.

It's a surreal opportunity for this humble, hard working rookie.

"It's a crazy feeling," said Streater. "I thought football was over for me. I was just looking at getting a job. Then you come here and the game's on your hands. It's a lot of pressure and then it's not. It's what you prepare for. It's what you want to do as a kid growing up. You want to be Thursday Night Football making that game-winning touchdown. It's a good feeling."

The Raiders are feeling pretty good about it too.