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Hue Jackson finally finds new NFL home

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It has been a rough couple months for Raiders former head coach, Hue Jackson. He was fired the day before the team held the official press conference to announce Reggie McKenzie as the teams new general manager.

This announcement came down ten days after the in which the Raider lost four of the final five games and finishing with a disappointing 8-8 season. Following the season-ending loss to the Chargers-a game which had they won would have sent them to the playoffs-Jackson went on a rant saying how pissed he was at his team and how he was going to take a more active role in all parts of the organization.

This didn't sit well with owner Mark Davis and when Reggie McKenzie was hired, he was given free reign to hire "his guy". At the time, no one was really sure what Mckenzie meant by "his guy". Many assumed he meant one of his coaches from his days in Green Bay. As it turned out "his guy" meant simply the guy HE chose. He didn't choose Hue Jackson and therefore he was out.

Since then, Hue has had no luck in getting a job. He proved last season that he is not ready to be a head coach and no team was going to step up and offer that position to him. And with his words and actions following the death of Al Davis, no teams were willing to take a chance by bringing him in as an offensive coordinator either. The fear was that he would undermine the head coach.

Now, after two months of not know if or where he would be coaching this season, he was thrown a bone by his friends in Cincinnati. But not anywhere near the area in which you would think. Instead of coaching the quarterbacks or receivers where he has experience, he isn't even coaching on offense. The Bengals announced has been hired as assistant secondary and special teams coach.

For the guy nicknamed "Hue-bris", this has been quite a Hue-miliating experience for him. He goes from being the up and coming offensive genius two seasons ago, to clinging to his NFL hopes coaching in areas he is not entirely familiar.

No doubt, Jackson was offered the job coaching special teams due to his gutsy special teams calls last season. Although, as Jackson said, those plays were always ready. It was just a matter of waiting to see if the opposing coverage team gave them the right look. And quite a few times, they did. The result was some pretty exciting plays.

The Raiders better be ready for some of that trickery. They face off against the Bengals and Hue Jackson this season.

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