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Raiders highest paid players and cap hits

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The Raiders are in full-on salary reconstruction mode right now. Thus far they have only cut Stanford Routt in their attempts to cut under it. Even thought that move was more an overall financial move as opposed to a cap situation.

There are a lot of Raiders set to make a great deal of money this coming season. Many of whom present a considerable cap hit for the team which must restructure and cut a few more players if it hopes to be players in the free agent market.

Here is the list of the most expensive Raider player contracts and their approximate cap hit:

Richard Seymour 14,068,000

Carson Palmer 12,500,000

Kamerion Wimbley 11,850,000

Michael Huff 9,828,750

Darren McFadden 9,478,834

Tommy Kelly 8,892,856

Aaron Curry 5,757,500

Shane Lechler 5,650,000

Rolando McClain 5,570,000

John Henderson 4,750,000

Cooper Carlisle 3,000,000

Hiram Eugene 2,500,000

Darius Heyward-Bey 2,105,000

Kevin Boss 2,000,000

Sebastian Janikowski 1,700,000

Lamarr Houston 1,116,250

Mike Mitchell 965,500

Keep in mind that some of these figures may not be completely accurate as it can be difficult to nail down an exact figure at times. But, as the Raiders proved when cutting Routt, it is not so much the cap hit they are worried about but rather the overall amount of money the player makes. And there are a few contracts here that are not friendly in the least.

Nearly every one of these contracts will be dissected and the player will be asked about restructuring. Cutting Routt sent a message to these players. Either they restructure or they will be cut. Some will simply be cut. Granted Routt isn't exactly hurting but that is not the point.

The point is these players know that if they want to remain a Raider, they have to work something out. It is rebuilding time in Oakland. Either way, most of these players will help make room for new free agents.

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