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Oakland Raiders Draft: The 2012 NFL Combine Important Times

Here is a link from that has a breakdown of what happens every day from this past Wednesday, when the ST, OL, TE and PK's arrived, until the last day, Tuesday, when the DB's workout and then leave Indy.

There are some definite holes on the Oakland Roster, BUT, not as many as one may be led to believe.

If I were drafting, due to the low picks that Oakland has this year, I would look for these positions, primarily, due to the fact that starters can be found at these later rounds.

1) Run stuffing LB

2) RG

3) Back-up QB

4) Safety

5) Corner (Only if a Top 10 CB slips)

6) Short Yardage/Pass Blocking RB

7) Zone-Block Running RB

So, here are the days and times I will be glued to the TV: Complete NFL Network listings

Saturday 9AM/8PM/12AM (Sun) EST - O-Line Drills

Sunday 9AM/8PM/12AM (Mon) EST - RB and QB Drills

Monday 9AM/8PM/12AM (Mon) - LB/DL

Tuesday 9AM/8PM/12AM (Tues) - DB

Here on S&BP, we will have Open Threads for each of the workouts as we develop our own Big Board.

Happy Draft Season!!!