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Martin's Trainer of the Year Award adds to Raiders 2012 haul

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The Raiders have collected quite a few awards in the past week. First it was Willie Brown who was enshrined into the Black College Hall of Fame (his tenth hall of fame induction), then on the same night Mark Davis accepted the Younger Award on behalf of his late father, Al Davis, Head Trainer H. Rod Martin received the Fain-Cain Trainer of the Year Award.

The Fain-Cain Memorial Award is handed out each year from the NFL Physician's Society.

As points out; the mission of the NFL Physician's Society according to their website is:

"to provide excellence in the medical and surgical care of the athletes in the National Football League and to provide direction and support for the athletic trainers in charge of the care for these athletes."

"The Fain-Cain award is named for Dr. Thomas E. Cain and Dr. Robert H. Fain, long time team physicians for the old Houston Oilers. The award was established shortly after Dr. Cain's death and Dr. Fain's retirement. Both physicians exhibited long term commitments to the NFL and exemplary performances. The award is given annually to an NFL athletic trainer who manifests these traits."

H Rod Martin has been with the Raiders since 1980 and has been the team's head trainer for the past 18 years.