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Could Raiders pull the Garrard file?

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 David Garrard #9 of the Jacksonville Jaguars
David Garrard #9 of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Last season when Jason Campbell went down with a broken collarbone, one of the first phone calls the Raiders made was to inquire about free agent David Garrard. He was the biggest name on the free agent market and the Raiders, along with everyone else, soon found out why. No sooner did the Raiders inquire but the Garrard announced he would need back surgery that would have him out the entire season.

That is when the Raiders attention turned to Carson Palmer and the blockbuster trade went down to bring him in as the Raiders' quarterback of the future.

Now the Campbell is leaving as a free agent, Terrelle Pryor is not ready to step up as the number two quarterback, and the Raiders are in the market to upgrade from Kyle Boller. And Garrard is healed from his back surgery, ready to resume his playing career.

Although Garrard's sudden release from the Jaguars prior to the 2011 season was a bit of a surprise, most teams only consider him a starter in a pinch. Garrard seems to understand this as his recent appearance on Sirius satellite radio would suggest.

He was asked about his interest in playing for several teams and didn't respond opposed to any of those teams. He was asked about the Raiders in particular and despite Carson Palmer entrenched as the starter, Garrard said he would be interested in coming to the Raiders.

"Wearing Silver and Black wouldn't be something I'd be against."

His primary stipulation for any team in which he signs is he would want to have good pieces around him, which is something the Raiders offense can offer. With a solid offensive line, Pro Bowl caliber running back and a deep receiving corps, Garrard has to like the offense in which he would be playing.

The Raiders will also be looking at running a West Coast offense in which Garrard would fit nicely.

Garrard is eligible to be signed by any team right away as he was released and need not wait until the March 13 free agent period.

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