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Raider Round Up: The Comings And Goings: OC

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So, many of us in Raider nation are pretty upset about the names that have replaced the names that were here before them.

We have already lamented Hue and praised the potential of "The Manace", so let's move on to the next level of additions and subtractions.

Offensive Coordinator

Out - Al Saunders

Al Saunders was on my wish list for about 8 years. He is an offensive genius with a deep understanding of the modern offense. He was also one of DHB's biggest cheerleaders as he showered constant praise on the underachieving wide-out who seemed to come into his own in 2011.

Saunders also game planned each week and was key in developing the script that Hue Jackson worked off of.

In my opinion, his dismissal is the worst so far and appears, on the surface to be a removal of any threat to the new regime. Al has been a Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach three times in his career and with this team in a complete shake-up, which boggles my mind, (They were only a competent DC away from being 11-5), he had to go.

Fortunately, it appears, he will not be joining the Kansas City Chiefs who hired Brian Daboll yesterday.

In - Greg Knapp

This is a HUGE downgrade, in my opinion. Last year the offense had two very god minds working together from the Head Coaching and OC positions, now, it will be a Defensive HC with a washed up retread for an OC who is best known for cowering to T.O. in 2004 when he was the OC for the 49ers.

Grade: F

I think that I am going to have to break this into multiple sections because I am literally sick to my stomach.

On the bright side it looks like we are adding some more quality control positions and also a better training and conditioning staff.

I bleed silver and black and will support this team on the field and off, but, I have to break it down how I see it as a writer and a fan. Being one play from the playoffs and seeing this entire staff, except for Skipper and Big Wiz blown up makes me sick!