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Super Bowl Open Thread: Are You Rooting For Sterling Moore?

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I figure that since 120 million people will be using a secondary device when they watch the Super Bowl today that we should have an open thread for those of you who want to watch this game with other Raider fans.

many of you know that I pulled hard for Sterling Moore to make the team out of camp and was happy when he made the practice squad. I was them equally bummed when, while our DBs were injured and we were seeking out washed up vets, The Patriots rolled into town, beat the Raiders and took Sterling Moore back with them.

I have been a closet Patriot fan since. I know, let the boos begin. Just know that I haven't rooted for them to win, but, for Sterling to do well.

My perfect outcome today is that the Giants beat the Patriots by 10 and Sterling Moore makes a few nice plays.

Who are you rooting for and and have you been rooting for Moore?