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Oakland Raider Thoughts From the Cuff: Trade Carson Palmer And Keep Jason Campbell

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I was on the phone with a good friend this morning and he asked my thoughts about how Carson Palmer would do with the Raiders this year.

I took a second before I answered and the answer came to me as clear as day, "I would trade Carson and keep Campbell".

If Hue and Saunders were still running the show, I'd say that Carson would be the answer, but, with the team moving to a disciplined defensive model, Jason Campbell would not only be cheaper, he'd be a better fit.

Teams that are built around defense need a ball controlled offense with a good kicking game. See this year's version of the 49ers for how a team can turn around from a high draft pick to the Conference Championship Game by following this model.

Under this model, you can't have sacks or turnovers and you rely on your running backs, tight ends and the ability to take your shots down the field. That fits Jason Campbell perfectly. Carson Palmer, not so much.

Palmer is due 12.5 million in 2012, 5 million of which is guaranteed if he is cut, so, trading him and passing on that guarantee would be the best bet as far as I can see. Campbell, who has earned the starting job in Oakland, could then be signed to a 4 year deal around 32 million with escalators and we'd have the perfect mix for what this team needs. A mobile QB (Who needs to learn how to slide), who manages the game well and knows when to take his shots or get rid of the ball.

With a new regime in Oakland, I believe that they will do what is needed to move forward and pay backwards for the sins of their predecessors. If they can get A high draft pick back, it may be a no-brainer, imo.

What are your thoughts Nation?

I found it interesting that Palmer was sandwiched in between Jeff Garcia and Billy Cannon onPro Football Reference's Fan EloRater