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It is Official: The Raiders Have Hired Jason Tarver

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Now, this is exactly what we need in Oakland. A young, hard working football rat with a deep knowledge of all areas of the Pro Game and that is exactly what the Raiders are getting by hiring Jason Tarver.

This is a HUGE upgrade over "The Bad Chucky".

Tarver has worked on both sides of the ball and has worked extensively with Inside Linebackers while ascending to Assistant DC over the past two years. You hear that Rolando? This guy worked under Nolan and Singletary and coached Patrick Willis. Watcha got big boy?

It's a new dawn, it is a new day!

With Allen and Tarver in town, I don't think that there will be many plays taken off on the defensive side of the ball.

You know what Raider Nation I am starting to get excited about the 2012 season and the 2011 season just ended yesterday.

I have a feeling that Reggie McKenzie has an idea of a few players that he wants to get on here and if they fit the mold of hungry "Football Players" that these two coaches seem to preach about, then next year will be something to behold.

With the Raiders having 50-1 odds to win next year, I may just lay $20 down then next time I am in Reno. $20 to win 1,000? I'm IN!!!

Welcome Jason, now GET TO WORK!!!