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Times, They Are A Changin': From '06-12

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Man, when I started this site back in 2006, the Oakland Raiders had Art Shell as Head Coach, "Bed and Breakfast" Tom Walsh as OC and Aaron Brooks finished the season at 0-8 while the Raiders went 2-14.

As a team, the Raiders only scored 168 points. Insane!

Back then we used to have to write our own code in order to post photos or insert links and sometimes it took three minutes for a post to show up and I oun't tell you how many of my best posts enth eost when the spotty wi-fi of 2006 went down!

Fast forward to today and the has-beens, Shell and Walsh, have been replaced by the dynamic duo of Allen and Tarver, Carson Palmer is throwing the rock and the Raiders are coming off of an "Underachieving" 8-8 season.

The most noticeable difference, besides this awesome interface built by Trei Brundrett and his buddies in his basement, is that Al Davis is no longer with us.

I am wondering what, if anything you old timers miss about the old days or like about the new days. And for the new blood, what is it that draws you to S&BP?

I have a very special surprise for all of you coming soon as well as some really cool insider info to share once it is released but, for now, I'd like to hear from you, or rather from "Us".

If you'd like a format, here you go, otherwise just go free form:

When did you join?

What brings you here?

What do you miss?

What would you like to see?