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Raider's GM begins the purge ...

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Cutting Stanford Routt, the much maligned super athlete, chosen by Al Davis over Nnamdi Asmugha (the False Raider) and paid an unconscionable salary - $10 million - for pre-tackling WRs - who would otherwise have burned him, was a prudent decision by GM Reggie McKenzie.

I'd expected Reggie to first start shaping the roster by cutting the gross underachievers - the slothful players, e.g. McClain, or the undisciplined ones, e.g. Groves, and the timid ones, e.g. Murphy. But the realities of the cap and sound business practice are apparently of primary concern. Routt wasn't (by far) the worst starter - he simply was grossly overpaid.

Oakland's GM said he would hire our HC and let the man hire his staff; Reggie, for his part, will be deeply involved in player personnel and today he made the first corrective move and, I fully expect, this will be followed by several more ... and in short order.

What do think McKenzie's next move will be? Who goes next? Who will either refuse to restructure .... if even given that opportunity? Or, who is so undesirable that even a modest salary won't save him?