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Raiders free agent wishlist: Center

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Center Chris Myers gets ready to snap the ball to Quarterback T.J. Yates #13 of the Houston Texans
Center Chris Myers gets ready to snap the ball to Quarterback T.J. Yates #13 of the Houston Texans

At this moment the center position is unsettled for the Raiders. Last year's center, Samson Satele, is a free agent and the team has yet to re-sign him. A possible situation is left guard Stefen Wisniewski moving to center, which is the position former head coach Hue Jackson was adamant he would play when the Raiders drafted him last year.

However, Wisniewski has played stellar football at the left guard spot both in college and last season. It is the position where is uncle Steve had a Hall of Fame worthy career for the Raiders. As the Raiders' assistant offensive line coach for the Raiders, he is his nephew's mentor at the position.

The Raiders would like to keep Wisniewski at left guard. And to do that they would look to bring in a solid center in free agency. Here are the best options on the market.

Chris Myers (HOU) - Myers would be quite a prize for Greg Knapp along the offensive line. He is a stud in the zone blocking scheme. He has played in and started at center every single game for the past five years-first in Denver, then four seasons in Houston.

Scott Wells (GB) - A Pro Bowler last season and the Packers full time starting center for the past six years, including a Super Bowl victory, so he is very well established. He is considered undersized for a center but with that comes athleticism. He is a great fit for the zone blocking scheme and Reggie McKenzie knows him well as the Wells has been a Packer for his entire 8-year career.

Samson Satele (OAK) - If the Raiders can't sign either of the above gentlemen, Satele is the best option. He has played well at center for the Raiders all while playing through nagging injuries. He is a tough, hard-nosed competitor who has worked hard to bring his game to another level. The Raiders line was solid last year with him manning the center position and it would be again if he were to return.

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