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Raider free agent wishlist: Offensive tackle

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The Raiders are set at left tackle with Jared Veldheer. But right tackle is anything but set. Khalif Barnes is a free agent and the team will more than likely let him walk. He is the one member of that Raiders offensive line that would not fit in the zone blocking scheme.

The Raiders have last year's fourth round pick Joseph Barksdale waiting in the wings but he they are not sure of his abilities just yet. This team will need either a sure thing or some strong competition to find who is deserving of being the next right tackle.

Here are a few offensive tackles who would provide the upgrade the Raiders need:

Sean Locklear (WAS) - Has a great deal of experience at right tackle in the NFL although for two of the last three seasons, he spent some time at left tackle as an injury replacement.

Anthony Collins (CIN)- He would be a steal for any team who signs him this offseason. He is young and has proven he is ready to take over as a starter. He would have had more starts but the Bengals refused to give up on Andre Smith and Dennis Roland. Even though the team had far more success with Collins.

Vernon Carey (MIA) - Struggled with the switch to guard last season but in prior seasons he proved to be a solid right tackle for the Dolphins.

James Lee (TB) - After nine starts in 2010, he was a strong contender to start at right tackle last season until the team brought back Jeremy Trueblood. He would provide the same solid competition at the right tackle position for the Raiders.

Brandon Keith (ARZ) - The team's 2009 seventh round pick has started 20 games the past two seasons. Unfortunately, he has been placed on injured reserve in both those seasons as well. This injury history has the Cardinals balking on re-signing him. But there is no question he is talented and would be worth a look.

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