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Raiders free agents making visits already

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The Raiders may not be hosting any free agents just yet but their free agents are logging in some frequent flyer miles. No sooner did the clock strike 4pm ET but a couple of the Raiders top free agents are visiting other teams.

Quarterback Jason Campbell is reported as visiting the Chicago Bears today. Campbell visiting the Bears seems odd considering he would have to take a backseat to Jay Cutler. I woudn't expect him to sign there right away, if at all, considering he is a possible starter for one of the many quarterback hungry teams in the NFL this season. But it can only help him to get an early indication of his market value.

Wide receiver Chaz Schilens is visiting the Arizona Cardinals today. He is a native of Mesa Arizona and would welcome a trip back home. The Jets and 49ers also reportedly have interest but Schilens may not leave Arizona without a contract.

Michael Bush is also in Arizona today which had a lot of people in a frenzy thinking he was there to visit to the Cardinals. As it turns out, according to Bush, he was just there at a training facility.

Bush is the bigger get among the two of them so it makes more sense that he would be active early on. He will be looked at as a player who can be a starter. The Cardinals could use a running back of his caliber to head of their running back corps. And since Bush played at Louisville, the Cardinals and their logo could give him warm fuzzy feelings. Although most rumors have him going to the Bengals. But if that were the case one would think he would be headed to Cincinnati today.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in.