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Is linebacker Larry Grant worth a 6th round pick?

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I must say that Larry Grant's performance,when filling in for the injured Patrick Willis, was enough for me to be happy with giving up a 6th Round pick to sign him. Unfortunately, the Raiders don't have a 7th Round pick, or they could have forfeited that one instead.

The 49ers have placed a low level 7th Round tender on Larry Grant, which means that the Bay Area native and former SFCC stand-out could be had if the team that signs him is willing to pay him AND forfeit a pick.

In just 3 starts last season, Grant registered 24 tackles, 11 assists, defended 5 passes and had a forced fumble. I really don't think that there will be a 6th Rounder out there that will start next year and most of the late round picks won't ever start in the NFL.

In his career he has played the right side and the middle and IF Grant will sign for cheap, he could be a free-agent steal for the Raiders.

* Keep in mind that whatever offer the Raiders make can be matched by the Niners or they can take the pick.

Here is a video of Larry Grant making a sick play last season: you probably want to stop watching after the sack, although the reactions by the seemingly "Blazed" people recording this almost makes sitting through 2:30 of Niners content worth it!