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Vote for '76 Raiders as greatest football team of all time

New, comments Greatest Team of all time logo Greatest Team of all time logo is asking fans to cast their votes to help them determine the greatest team of all time. They picked the 64 best teams of the Super Bowl era, and throughout the month of March they are asking fans to cast their votes as they go round by round through their NCAA tournament style bracket to determine the fans' selection as the greatest team of all time.

They are currently in the third round and the 1976 Raiders need your vote to continue on to the quarter-finals. They are currently pitted against the '78 Steelers and according to the Raiders, the Steelers are "closing the gap" in votes with third round voting ending on Wednesday, March 21 at 2pm PST.

The '76 Raiders came in as a 5 seed and have already beaten out the '08 Steelers and the 93 Cowboys. The bracket began with all three Super Bowl winning Raiders teams but the '80 and '83 Raiders were both knocked out in the first round. The '80 Raiders lost out to the '04 Spygate Patriots and the '83 Raiders lost out to the '66 Packers. So the '76 Raiders are the only team left in the tournament.

There is no way Raider fans can allow any Steelers team or its fans to beat them. Especially when it is a question of fanbase. The Raider Nation should win every time. Besides that, the '76 Raiders beat that Steelers team to win the Super Bowl and the '78 Steelers didn't have to face the Raiders in their path to the Super Bowl.

If the Raiders hold on to move past the third round, they will likely be pitted against the '79 Steelers so after Wednesday, you will want to go back in and vote again to ensure the Raiders move past the Steelers again. Just like the rivalry of the 70's all over again.

So CLICK HERE to get over there and vote.