Is this really what you call re-building?

So I was reading some comments on the ''Raiders most in-demand team in FA'' post, and I really felt weird and down while reading those, the fanbase seems to already have accpeted the possibility of being a mediocre/avarage team next year, while I dont agree, opinion is valid, but I am a guy who likes to at least try to sway opinion a little bit by giving mine. Personally I dont think we are nearly as bad as we seem to be, and actually, I feel like other teams might be victims of overlooking the Raiders next year. We are a good team, and I will tell you why after the jump.....

I am an optimist, but I think we still shouldnt be saying we will be mediocre this year just because we have lost players. Really people, think about this, how many players did we lose, that were KEY to our team. I want you to name 5 players that we lost that were KEY. Boss didnt work out, Routt sucked, Henderson didnt play more than 60 minutes in the entire season, Eugene was on the IR before the season started, CJ played like 5 games then he didnt play again, we have an upgrade from Campbell at QB in my opinion, Wimbley will hurt a bit, Bush will hurt too, but aside, who did we lose that was really key to us? No one, we have basically the same key personnel that we had last year, but with an upgrade at CB (anything was an upgrade, Bartell is definitely one, Spencer is definitely one for CJ) We upgraded at RG, and LG stays a little bit solid with Carlisle, Wiz at C is a huge upgrade, RT is the same guy as last year....

Same receiving corps excepting Chaz, who didnt do shit in his only healthy year. We should be able to draft up to 5 players this year if we count the comp picks, we only lost 2 key players. If McKenzie finds the gems, then we will be the same exact team as last year in the sense of talent, what is the difference maker here? The coaching staff...Hue was an great for the offense, but as we saw, Hue and Panda were not made for D. Al Saunders will stay, we have continuity, and I dont have a doubt that Allen and Tarver will improve this D, we will have discipline if what we have been told is true about Allen, this guy actually makes in-game adjustments, the D couldnt get worse and I think everyone agrees, as long as the O keeps going, we will be as good if not better this year.

As for our division rivals...

The Chiefs: They look tough, but who is their QB again? Plus a Raiders-Chiefs game will never ever be detereminded before the game starts, too unpredictable. We beat them twice in 10' when they went 10-6, I mean, they arent the Pats. This is the team that I actually think will be battling out the division in the final weeks though.

The Chargers: Same old Chargers for me, I think they have a very good receiving corp, a good QB and thats it. Tolbert is out, we fear him? I dont. VJ is gone, so they got Meachem and Royal, solid wideouts, but I dont think that will be a HUGE upgrade over VJ. Their D is as bad as last year, Jarret Johnson will be an upgrade, but he isnt God, they should be about as good as last year, not better though.

The Broncos: I have a feeling that Manning is not the same, he is comming off 4 neck surgeries, and is one good hit away from never playing again, I think we could see something like what happened after our QB, Carson Palmer was critisized for after tearing his ACL, Peyton might come in scared, he might be as good, but he might be bad too. Their D is basically the same, they added Tracy Porter though, thats a bad thing for us, but do we have a bad team that cant match up with them?

I may be misleading the post, but what I am trying to say is, we shouldnt be giving this season up just yet, it might LOOK like a re-building process, while everyone else is getting better, but are we as bad? Or are they as good? We dont know, but I feel, that as Raider fans, we should give up on the season while it hasnt even started. On paper things dont look as bad, and when you look at on-paper things, they dont tell a thing on how the story pans out....11' Eagles anyone? Stay faithful Raider Nation....we are in for a surprise.