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Raiders to find out bulk of their 2012 draft positions today

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The NFL owners meetings continue today. And among the tasks on the agenda are the announcement of the compensatory draft picks to be awarded. The Raiders and their fans are looking forward to this announcement like never before due to the fact that without the compensatory picks, the team has just a round five and six pick in this year's draft.

They are expected to receive three compensatory picks, one of which will very likely be at the end of the third round for the loss of Nnamdi Asomugha. This would mean not only would they receive more compensatory picks (3) than they currently have (2) but it is very possible two of those picks would be higher than either of their existing picks.

Normanlly the round three compensatory pick would be pick #97. But the Raiders don't have a third rounder because they chose Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft last year. This moved the pick up one to pick #96.

Then the Saints were punished for the bounty program which had them losing this year's second round pick. That moved the Raiders pick up once again to #95. So it really is like having a late third round pick as opposed to an early fourth round selection.

Last month I did a breakdown of what the Raiders should expect in their comp picks based on information gathered from the two previous seasons of comp picks handed out. You can see that break down here.

The formula for handing out those picks is a secret one but through my research, I hypothesized the Raiders would receive a third, fourth, and fifth (or perhaps sixth) round picks. We will soon find out. And until then, let's all place ourselves firmly on pins and needles, shall we?