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Raiders announce 2012 compensatory draft picks

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The Raiders have officially announced they will be receiving compensatory draft picks. Those picks will be a third rounder (pick 95), fourth rounder (129), and fifth rounder (168). This will give them a total of five picks in the upcoming draft.

Due to several moves, the Raiders had no picks in the first, second, third, fourth, and seventh rounds of the 2012 draft. Their first round pick goes to the Bengals for Carson Palmer. Their second round pick goes to the Patriots as part of a deal to move up and draft Joseph Barksdale and Taiwan Jones in last year's draft. Their third round pick was spent in the supplemental draft on Terrelle Pryor. Their fourth round pick completes the trade to acquire Jason Campbell. Their seventh rouder went as part of the deal to acquire Aaron Curry.

Their comp picks will come from the losses in free agency of Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller, Robert Gallery, Thomas Howard, and Bruce Gradkowski.

The three additional picks give the Raiders picks in the third round, fourth round, two in the fifth round, and one in the sixth.

The picks have worked out as I had estimated they would when I examined similar players and contracts and which comp picks they garnered in previous seasons. To see that breakdown, click here.