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Hold the phone; Raiders host free agent linebacker

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Philip Wheeler #50 of the Indianapolis Colts
Philip Wheeler #50 of the Indianapolis Colts

Just when McKenzie had us thinking the Raiders were done with free agency and focusing on the draft, free agent linebacker Philip Wheeler is in for a visit. Wheeler is a free agent from the Indianapolis Colts and is considered one of the better free agent linebackers out there.

It is no coincidence that the moment the only other free agent linebacker the Raiders had shown interest, Manny Lawson re-signed with the Bengals, the Raiders have another visit lined up. Wheeler played at inside linebacker his first three seasons in the NFL, appearing in every game while starting 13. He then switched to outside linebacker last season to much success. He was considered one of the few bright spots on the 2-14 Colts.

The 27 year old linebacker is 6-2, 245 pounds which is almost the identical size and weight of Kamerion Wimbley, that man he would be replacing in Oakland. But you can bet his contract will be a whole lot lighter.

Wheeler was originally drafted in the third round out of Georgia Tech in 2008. Last season he started 11 of the 13 games in which he appeared. He was the starter nearly all last season and totaled 85 tackles before he suffered a foot injury and was lost for the final three games of the season.

Just like McKenzie. Just when you think the Raiders are going one way, he pulls a Barry Sanders on you and breaks your ankles.

The Miami Dolphins have also shown interest in Wheeler's services at linebacker.