Raiders on Prime Time 2012

So I was fooling around ArrowheadPride which is the site for our hated rivals the CHiefs on SBN and saw a post like this, which games should the Chiefs have on Prime time. I kind of stole the idea and want to make a shorter post with the ideas of whom should we play on MNF/SNF/TNF for next season.

2012 Home Opponents:









2012 Away Opponents:

KC *








The NFL decided to launch TNF earlier for next season and they will start on week 2. Pretty much week 1 since the season opener is on a Wednesday so we get a mid-week game every week.3 Nat TV games a week is enough for the Raiders to get 3, and if they have an exciting finish, maybe 4.

I am being biased towards the Raiders doing well (why wouldnt I?) so I am going for 4. Now the 4 most likely candidates for this games are obviously Cincy (the Palmer vs Bengals storyline will probably get us a SNF game. That would be on the road. Two up and coming teams in a good game with a cant-miss storyline in between is a great candidate.

The second storyline is the Al Davis death anniversary which lands on an October monday. It would be dumb not to give us a MNF that day. with that, I think we have 2 Prime Time spots secured, maybe this game would be probably the Pitt game at the BlackHole, or any divisional game at the BlackHole, in our house against a rival team (that includes the Steelers) would make me very happy.

No 3rd storyline, they should just give us another one for the sake of having a prime time game. Maybe a simple TNF game at any point of the season against any of the teams on our schedule. Maybe a MNF if it is against the un-proven teams like the Panthers (un-proven but could make a statement) or MIA (same situation). But I think the league will just give us one fo the mid-season games against the Tebows.

Finally I think we will get that week 17 game against the Chiefs, The Raiders at 9-6 and the Chiefs at 10-5, (I think the biggets threat is in fact KC) and whoever wins would win the division, (the Raiders being 3-2 in the division and the Chiefs 3-2 too) and let it take place in their house, it would be a great storyline right off the bat and being optimistic that we are going to be contending at that point (I believe we will). So those are the games I think we SHOULD get, maybe we get them or we dont but I feel that the team will be good enough to take a few prime time spots late in the season or mid-season. So there you go, hopefully it happens and the Raiders put on great performances on those games if given. Peace.