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Raiders trade Bruce Campbell to Panthers for RB Mike Goodson

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Raiders offensive lineman Bruce Campbell (photo by Levi Damien)
Raiders offensive lineman Bruce Campbell (photo by Levi Damien)

Two questions the Raiders have had this offseason have been what to do with offensive lineman Bruce Campbell and how to replace Michael Bush at backup running back. Friday they may have solved both. The Raiders have traded Campbell to the Panthers to acquire Goodson.

Campbell was drafted in the fourth round by the Raiders two seasons ago. He was taken out of Maryland as an offensive tackle but struggled there and was moved to guard. He was rarely on the Raiders' active roster and many, such as myself, thought he may not even make the team out of camp this year.

This move is a classic case of grass is greener. Campbell was not in the Raiders' plans and Goodson was not in the Panthers' plans. Both teams are hoping that they will have given up nothing for something.

Goodson is on the smaller side (5-11, 195 lbs) and has been more of a return man thus far in his career. He primarily returned kicks which is the duties Jacoby Ford is expected to perform again next season. He would likely relieve Denarius Moore of his punt return duties and allow Moore to focus on being a wide receiver.

He went to Texas A&M, head coach Dennis Allen's alma mater, so it is conceivable Allen watched a lot of him in college and jumped at the chance to acquire him, knowing what he brings to the table. Unfortunately, what Goodson has brought to the table in the NFL is what he has put on the turf-the ball. In just 125 career carries, he has fumbled seven times.

He also becomes the latest Raider acquisition to have just come off injury. He went down with a pulled hamstring early last season and was placed on injured reserve. He has had his injury problems in the NFL. However, the one complete season he had, he rushed for 452 yards on 103 attempts (4.4 ypc). Showing if he can stay healthy and hold onto the ball, the Raiders may have something.