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Speedy Mike Goodson a fit for Raiders zone blocking scheme

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 Mike Goodson #33 of the Carolina Panthers runs through tacklers.
Mike Goodson #33 of the Carolina Panthers runs through tacklers.

Al Davis would have been proud to hear the words "speed kills" come out of the Raiders new running back's mouth today. But that is how Mike Goodson feels. That is what he brings to the table. And if you ask him, speed complements speed.

"I watched Darren McFadden a lot." Said Goodson. "He's one of the backs that I say that I like in the league. I think McFadden runs the ball hard real hard. He's a hard-nosed runner and he's fast. I think I could come in and catch the ball out of the backfield a lot and complement his speed. I'm a big speed guy, I like to see speed on the field, I know that he's fast.

"I think speed kills everything. I think if you're fast going up the middle or around the corner, either way it goes, you gotta get around people."

He played for the Panthers the past three seasons who also deploy the zone blocking scheme which the Raiders will be bringing back this season. And though he was the odd man out in Carolina, he likes the zone blocking scheme and thinks his style is perfect for it.

"I have always been a fan of that offense, the one cut, get you up field, you don't have to make a lot of moves in the backfield, you know, you just kinda get going, use your speed."

But he also sees his skills as a special teamer being utilized in Oakland much as they were in Carolina.

"I played all special teams. From kickoff to kickoff returns. Not just return or blocking. Punt returns, I played gunner, I played in the vice so... I love special teams and you can't win without them."