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Wimbley, Raiders playing game of chicken

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 Kamerion Wimbley #96 of the Oakland Raiders at training camp
Kamerion Wimbley #96 of the Oakland Raiders at training camp

The Raiders just extended/restructured the deals of Richard Seymour and Michael Huff to knock around $12 million off their salary cap hit. But with at least $10 million still left to go, the next major target would be Kamerion Wimbley and his $11 million cap hit this season. But the word of late is the two sides have reached a stale mate.

Last week, the Raiders and Wimbley were in discussions attempting to restructure his deal in such a way to lower his salary cap burden. The hope was to do it without adding greater burden on future years. And it seems there may be no way to do that without asking Wimbley to take a paycut-of which Wimbley has made clear, he will not do.

But since their discussions last week, the two sides have not re-convened to discuss it further according to Bill Williamson of And some sources close to Wimbley believe he will be cut.

There is no way the Raiders can shoulder the $11 million and if they cut him, they would still be on the hook for $6.5 million this season in "dead money". On the positive side, the means they will save $4.5 million off the cap. In total, over the length of Wimbley's deal, the team would save $17.5 million.

The Raiders need Wimbley to get back to the table and talk turkey. But if Wimbley and the Raiders have indeed broken off talks with no agreement met, this game of chicken will be cut off at the head by the Raiders. Wimbley in turn can run off to another team with $6.5 million of the Raiders' money.

It is a sacrifice the Raiders have to make if they hope to put any more food on the table. $4.5 million in cap room this season is important. And saving $17.5 overall is pretty good too. They can spread that money around the yard and feed a few hogs, bulls, cheetahs, and horses with that kind of scratch.

The outlook is bleak for Wimbley suiting up for the Raiders again. As of now the team is sharpening their cleaver in the hopes they won't have to use it.

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