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Oakland Raider News: Carson Palmer Restructures Contract

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Not only is Carson Palmer putting in the work necessary in the off-season, he set up throwing sessions with his wide-outs, according to multiple sources, believing that the Oakland Raiders can compete for the NFL Championship in 2012, Palmer is putting his money where his mouth is by restructuring his contract.

If the Raiders can keep this offense intact and improve on the defensive side of the ball, the sky really is the limit.

Palmer is expecting to have his rhythm with key wide-outs Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore while having a healthy Darren McFadden in the backfield. That alone spells trouble!

We will keep you informed as the specifics come in, but, with Seymour and Huff already restructuring and now, apparently, Palmer too, it appears like the leaders on offense and defense are serious about competing.

We will have to see how this is structured, but, if Wimbley is cut or restructures, the Raiders may find a way to sign a few vets on the defensive side of the ball.

Hang in there Nation, the ride is still just beginning as we have yet to hear from Kelly, Henderson or Curry.