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Raiders free agent wish list: Quarterback

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 Dan Orlovsky #6 of the Indianapolis Colts
Dan Orlovsky #6 of the Indianapolis Colts

The Raiders are set at quarterback with Carson Palmer. But behind him, they are anything but set. Kyle Boller showed last season that he was anything but reliable when in his only start, he threw three interceptions in one half of football. Terrelle Pryor is not ready to step even into the number two role and it remains to be seen if he will ever be. After that it is Rhett Bomar. Yeah, this team is in bad need of a number two quarterback.

Lucky for them, there is a pretty decent crop of backups out there to be had. Here are the ones that the team could have on their wish list:

Shaun Hill (DET)- Arguably the best backup quarterback on the market this year. He will have many suitors and may welcome a chance to return to the Bay Area where he spent three seasons with the 49ers. That was also the only place he ever had a winning record as a starter (5-3 in 2008).

David Garrard (FA)- The former starter for the Jaguars spent all of last season rehabbing from back surgery. The Raiders made him their first phone call when Jason Campbell went down last season. It was the news of the surgery that forced them to look elsewhere. He was a serviceable starter and would be a great pickup as backup.

Dan Orlovsky (IND)- Showed some flashes of promise for the Colts during their otherwise horrid 2011 season. The Colts only won two games last season and Orlovsky was the starter for both of them. He finished off the final five games of the season as the Colts starter and bookended those starts completing 81% of his passes for 353 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Patriots and a 67.5%, 264 yard passing performance in the season finale against the Jaguars. In those five starts he compiled 1079 yards passing with 6 TD's to 4 Int's.

Charlie Whitehurst (SEA)- He proved he was reliable as a backup when he played in San Diego. He was a disappointment as a starter in Seattle but that simply means he is better suited to step back into the backup role again.

Jake Delhomme (HOU)- Delhomme is another former starter, albeit many moons ago. He is not close to starter material now and was beat out by fifth round rookie TJ Yates to replace Matt Schaub last season. But he worked directly with Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Knapp while Knapp was the quarterbacks coach in Houston last season. So that familiarity could have the Raiders giving him a call.

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