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Raiders, Aaron Curry working diligently on new deal

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The past few days have been busy ones for the general manager Reggie McKenzie. And they have been some intense days for some Raiders players as well. One such player is Aaron Curry who today tweeted that he has spent "6 hrs with coaching staff!!!."

This isn't the first telling tweet from Curry in recent days. He has been talking like he has no intention of leaving the Raiders.

Thursday he retweeted Michael Huff who said

"#shoutout to the #Raidernation.... There's only one nation and if your not with us your against us."

Wednesday he said he was training "with #RaiderMentality"

UPDATE: Curry's agent Andy Ross just tweeted a pic of him with the words "He's back!!!!!" It seems only a matter of the specifics at this point.

He is in the final year of his contract with the Raiders. If they were to cut him, the team would not owe him a penny of his $5.8 million salary, which is also his total cap hit. But the Raiders don't want to do that and Curry doesn't want to leave the organization that saved him from bench duty in Seattle.

His current salary is a somewhat friendly one, although the cap hit was never something the team would have wanted to bear.

Curry is just the type of person the Raiders want in their players. He is a hard working, unselfish player who is also extremely religious. If you read the rest of his tweets, that becomes apparent very quickly.

He continues to show his unselfish nature as well as his gratitude to the Raiders by working with them to sign an extension and lower the cap number. When his deal is complete, he will join Richard Seymour, Michael Huff, and Carson Palmer who all three signed extensions and restructures of their own.

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