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Tollefson's new number may signal Raiders' plans for him

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Dez Bryant #88 of the Dallas Cowboys runs a kick off past Dave Tollefson #71
Dez Bryant #88 of the Dallas Cowboys runs a kick off past Dave Tollefson #71

Dave Tollefson received his number today. He will wear number 58. That is not your typical number for a defensive lineman. Usually defensive lineman have numbers in the 70's and 90's. Numbers in the 50's are those typically worn by linebackers.

When the Raiders first showed interest in Tollefson, the word around was that they were looking at him as a linebacker as opposed to defensive end where he has spent most of his career.

There have been clues to suggest the Raiders would be making the switch to a 3-4 base hybrid defense for quite some time now. This move would also suggest such a switch as using Tollefson as a situational pass rushing outside linebacker, would fit his skill set.

Tollefson is still listed at DE on the Raiders roster but every other player with a number in the 50's is a linebacker.

#50 Tracvis Goethel

#51 Aaron Curry

#52 Philip Wheeler

#53 Carl Ihenacho

#55 Rolando McClain

#59 Jon Condo (he is the team's long snapper but is a linebacker by trade)

Linebacker Bruce Davis Jr wore the number 58 for the Raiders last season.

As a defensive end and sometimes defensive tackle for the Giants, Tollefson wore number 71. The number 71 was available to be taken had Tollefson wanted it.