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Tollefson willing to mow the grass if Raiders ask him to

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You gotta love the attitude of the newest member of the Raiders. Dave Tollefson and the Raiders chose each other for various reasons. And according to Tollefson, the Raiders liked his versatility as a defender. His specific position may be undefined but his role is clear. He is that utility guy who will do whatever the team asks of him.

"The different things I can do as a player." said Tollefson of the value the Raiders place in him. "I played a lot of snaps inside but what I do here, I'm not sure. We got a great group of D-tackles that can do a really good job inside. So who knows? I think that's what intrigued the Raiders about me is just the ability to kinda do anything. And that's something that you have to do as a guy who hasn't necessarily started in this league. I've started a couple games but you kinda gotta be good at everything because you really don't know when the opportunity's gonna come for you to contribute to the team winning the game. I think that's what they're gonna use me for. Just kinda whatever they want, hey ‘whatever you need me to do. I can mow the grass if you want to.'"

While the Raiders DID say they would be looking at the grass on the practice field as one of the possible culprits of the team's injury woes, I don't think they would be asking Tollefson to do it. But it is nice to know that whatever the Raiders ask of him, whether it be defensive end, defensive tackle, linebacker, special teams, or landscaper, he is their man. That kind of enthusiasm is always welcome in a player and teammate.