Official SBN Mock Draft: Raiders (read please)

I am right now fooling around this site, on the live draft and I commented on the Chiefs pick (Dontari Poe), right after that I was offered the Raiders 95th spot and on by the Raiders owner (at that point) and I accpeted it. Since it appears no one had been interested in it. And since we have really no impact picks, and it starts tomorrow, I didnt mind on accepting the job. Mainly because Im free tomorrow to be at the live mock.

So the post is being made to see if:

No.1- If someone wants to be a co-representative with me tomorrow, feel free to tell me.

No.2- I (or we) have to send a list of BPA to send to this people, so when our pick comes, we can draft the guy we want.

So Im hoping to see some ideas come around on players that COULD be around that 95th pick and on, lists of players of your own to see who do you think we should take. Guys that have been doing mocks could help, and whoever (if anyone does) joins me as co-rep of the team can discuss the ideas with me and we can decide who should be on our ''draft board'', you know this may not be to a lot of interest to many people, but I would welcome any help you guys want to give me, and again, if anyone is interested in being the co-rep, I'd be thrilled. Thanks.