**UPDATED** Official SBN Mock Draft: Final Results

The Mock just ended on and we are very pleased with the results. As always it is very difficult to get a dream draft but we did, in my opinion, a very good job. The post consists of showing you who we picked, in which rounds and why. Why we didnt take a player here or there, and the draft board at different points of the mock.
So here you have our draft, at the end of the post you can grade the mock.

Round 3 outlook:

We started Round 3 (our first comp pick) with this Board:

1. Josh Chapman

2. Mychal Kendricks

3. Sean Spence

4.Alameda Ta'amu

4. Malik Jackson

We were really limited when Chapman went in the 1st pick of the 3rd round, Ta'amu went in the early 2nd and Kendricks in the early 2nd too. We went with Sean Spence (who got his share of votes in the first poll). Sean Spence, regardless of getting the no.1 option on the board, was a pretty good pick though. The kid plays with heart and was the bright spot of the Miami D, undersized and that makes his draft stock go down, but we think we pciked well.

Here is a highlight video:

Round 4 outlook:

1. Tank Carder

2. Michael Brewster

3. Jonathan Massaquoi

4. Nigel Bradham

In this round it was total success, its not like round 3 wasnt success, but in this round we really got a steal. Tank Carder is a projected late 3rd rounder-early 4th that somehow slipped to the 4th round comp pick (pretty much a 5th) and we didnt have a doubt he as our guy if he fell to us, and he did. Tank Carder it is. Did pretty well in TCU.

Round 5 outlook:

1. Nate Potter

2. Nicolas Jean Baptiste

3. Miles Burris

4. Jarius Wright

A pretty good round, we had 2 solid picks with the regular picka nd the comp. We got our no.1 target in Nate Potter. Although we were really high on Baptiste for NT, he was taken 8 picks before us. We were actually targeting him in the 6th but we wanted to secure the pick. We were really not expecting anyone to snap him from us but it happened. He was a projected 6th rounder that went in the 5th. So we used the pick on Miles Burris, OLB/DE SDSU. Pretty good player with great instincts that was, another steal. He is not the NT but maybe we can say he was BPA betweent NJB and him.

Tomorrow we have the final pick at 1pm EST.

Outlook is:

1.Aaron Henry

2.Trenton Robinson

We are looking forward to it, it was a great draft and we are glad it went well. The only thing we wouldve preffered was taking NJB but you cant have a dream draft too often as stated before. We got steals in every round and we hope you like what we did. Credit not only goes to me, but also goes to Assassin32 and Jack'sAxe. They were there from the beginning of the 3rd to help with the picks, and some of the players picked were suggested by them. So the Raiders' representatives were us 3. Again, we hope you like what you see and hopefully tomorrow we can take that BPA from the Board.


This was a great draft, we cant be happier. Some moves here and there and just absolutely killed the mock. Maybe the following will prompt you to vote ''A'' in the draft grade ;). Today, at 1PM EST, the 6th round of the mock began, we really only had one pick in the mid part of the round and wouldve preffered to have more, and thats just what we did. Before the pick, we decided to offer one of our earlier picks (Nate Potter 148th overall) and listened to trade offers. We dealt their 187th and 190th (we still had the 188th pick) and sent him. Nate Potter is a huge LT who wouldnt fit the ZBS at all. He was a perfect trade bait with Washington because they lack OL, and all of the good ones were gone. We ended up sending away a player that didnt fit the team. Potter was a great steal in the 5th to be a future trade bait. With those 3 picks, we ended up selecting:

1.Aaron Henry (FS, Winsconsin)

2.Delvin Johnson (DT/NT, Marshall)

3.Dan Herron (RB, Ohio State)

All of them BPAs and were a complete steal, none should have been around in the 6th and were great picks. Comming into the draft with 5 picks, and ending up with 7 players, all being BPAs and filling needs at the same time. Getting 2nd rounders in the 3rd, 4th rounders in the 5th and getting every player in our board except for one, it was a great draft. Hopefully you all agree on the picks and like how we represented. Jack'sAxe, Assassin32 and me. If you want to take a look at the somewhat ''war room'' it is in my previous fanpost. Thanks again. Go Raiders! (Remember to vote and give your opinion on the draft)