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Raiders nail down 2012 home preseason dates, times

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The Raiders' preseason schedule was released last week which laid out which teams the Raiders would be facing in which weeks as well as home and away. What was uncertain at the initial time of release were the exact dates and times of all the preseason games.

The only date and time that was known for certain was the Raiders' preseason opening game on Monday Night Football at home versus the Cowboys on August 13 at 5pm PST. The other three weeks had uncertain dates and times. We now know the specific times of the Raiders home games, so you can plan accordingly.

Here are the updated, specific dates and times of the Raiders 2012 preseason schedule

Week 1, August 13, 5pm PST: HOME vs Dallas Cowboys (ESPN)
Week 2, August 16-20, time TBA: Raiders at Arizona Cardinals
Week 3, August 25, 4pm PST: HOME vs Detroit Lions
Week 4, August 30, 7pm PST: Raiders at Seattle Seahawks

Raider preseason games in 2012-except for the opener on ESPN- will air on KTVU FOX Channel 2/KICU Action 36.