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Darren McFadden full participant first day of mini camps

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Darren McFadden at Raiders training camp 2011 (photo by Levi Damien)
Darren McFadden at Raiders training camp 2011 (photo by Levi Damien)

Raiders starting running back Darren McFadden participated in today's first voluntary mini camp today. There was some uncertainty coming into this week whether he would be a full go or if Dennis Allen would hold him back initially. But according to Allen himself via conference call today, McFadden was not limited in practice.

"Darren was able to go through the drills today and did a nice job," said Allen in a conference call Tuesday. "He's one of our most explosive players on offense. He's a dangerous weapon. We're looking forward to finding different ways of using him and kind of exploiting his talents."

McFadden went out early in week seven of last season with what was ultimately determined to be a Lis Franc foot sprain. Prior to his injury, he was having a great season, running for 610 yards in the first six games. The injury forced him to miss the rest of the season and put his eventual return in uncertainty.

The original thought was that he may suffer residual effects and be limited in early OTA's but that turns out not to be the case. As McFadden and others had said, he is completely healed from the injury.

McFadden had put up career numbers last season prior to being sidelined. He is expected to be a major factor in the Raiders plans this season according to Allen and Reggie McKenzie. In 2010 he went ran for 1157 yards with 507yards in receiving in 13 games. If he can remain healthy in 2012, he is expected to surpass those numbers. But that is a big if. He has never been healthy for an entire 16 game season in the NFL.

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