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2012 Raider draft radar: Wide receiver

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Iowa Hawkeyes wide receiver Marvin McNutt participates in a catch and run drill during the NFL Combine
Iowa Hawkeyes wide receiver Marvin McNutt participates in a catch and run drill during the NFL Combine

The Raiders have nice stable of receivers on the team. And truth be told, they could easily go into next season with who they have and be just fine. But the one thing this team doesn't have is a big, tall deep threat. They thought they had their guy in Chaz Schilens but he could never stay healthy and they eventually gave up on him.

The current Raider receivers consist of the speedy, sure-handed Denarius Moore on one side, the inconsistent but hard working Darrius Heyward-Bey opposite him, and the lightning fast Jacoby Ford to occupy the slot. Behind them, there is Louis Murphy and perhaps a wildcard in Eddie McGee.

So, it is not a tremendous need but if the right receiver to fit the mold of a guy who can take a deep route, body a defensive back and win a jump ball were available when they had their pick, it is a choice worth considering.

Here are the best fits who could be there when the Raiders pick.

Marvin McNutt, Iowa: Round 4

And ideal fit for the West Coast offense. And for the Raiders, he has the skill set they need. He has the size at 6-2, 215 and he catches very well in traffic. He is also an extremely intelligent player who began his college career as a quarterback. Since switching to receiver as a sophomore, he has improved his numbers every season, culminating in an extremely impressive senior season with 1315 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns. He has the potential to go much higher than round four. There is a good chance he could come off the board in round two. The Raiders wouldn't take a receiver with their late round three pick so McNutt would have to be available with their round four pick if they were to take him.

Nick Toon, Wisconsin: Round 5

At 6-2, 220, he has ideal receiver size. Plus, wide receiver is in his blood as his father was former NFL All Pro receiver and Wisconsin Badger Hall of Fame receiver, Al Toon. He has had some durability concerns which is the primary reason his draft stock has taken a hit. He has always shown great hands and football intelligence as you would expect due to his lineage. Last season, with the arrival of quarterback Russell Wilson, he was able to showcase it more and caught 64 passes for 926 yards and 10 touchdowns. He ran a 4.54 40-yard dash with a 39 inch vertical and a 10-10 broad jump.

Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M: Round 5

Could actually be a better prospect than Toon. He is taller (6-4) and had more production in college. He caught 70 passes as a senior and 72 as a junior. His junior season he had 1066 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns, earning him First Team All Big-12 honors. His hands are not quite as consistent as one would like and he also had some injury concerns. He certainly has Dennis Allen's attention having attended his alma mater. Fuller too has NFL bloodlines as his father, Jeff Sr, played six seasons in the NFL as a safety.

Juron Criner, Arizona: Round 6

Criner is a real wildcard in this draft. There are some who see him as going as high as round three. But the latest indications are that he will slip into round six. And if he does, he would absolutely worth taking a chance on. At 6-3, 224, he has great size. He has also shown he has the strength and hands to have success at the NFL level. The primary cause for his drop in stock was his 4.68 40-yard dash. He worked out of a spread offense at Arizona which has caused some concern how his college success will translate to the pros. But he has been lined up outside, in the slot, and put in motion which would suggest he can do whatever a team would like him to do. His skill set would be a valuable asset to the Raiders' offense.

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