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Raiders preseason schedule set, Miami game time moved up

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The preseason and regular season schedule is now set for the Raiders. The Raiders have nailed down the date and time of their second preseason matchup in Arizona as well as changed the previously announced time of the regular season week two kickoff time in Miami.

The date and time of the preseason game in Arizona will be Friday August 17 at 7pm PT.

Here is the final preseason schedule with this new information added:

Week 1, August 13, 5pm PST: HOME vs Dallas Cowboys (ESPN)
Week 2, August 17, 7pm PST: Raiders at Arizona Cardinals
Week 3, August 25, 4pm PST: HOME vs Detroit Lions
Week 4, August 30, 7pm PST: Raiders at Seattle Seahawks

The week two matchup in Miami was originally announced as a 1:15 PT kickoff but the time has been changed/corrected to a 10:15am PT kickoff time.

Click Here to view the Raiders entire regular season schedule.