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2012 Raider draft radar: Offensive tackle

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Boise State offensive lineman Nate Potter runs the 40 yard dash during the NFL Combine
Boise State offensive lineman Nate Potter runs the 40 yard dash during the NFL Combine

The Raiders have their starter at left tackle in Jared Veldheer. But they are not set at right tackle and could use depth at both positions. The right tackle is up in the air at the moment with last season's starter Khalif Barnes brought back and second year lineman Joseph Barksdale looking to push for the starting job.

But, like most positions, when you have two options, it usually means you don't have a single solid option. Barnes is known for his false starts more than anything and the jury is very much still out on Barksdale. There is even a possibility Barksdale could switch to guard if he can't break into the starting lineup.

The Raiders will be looking for a solid number two option on both sides and hopefully someone who has some versatility as well. Here are the best offensive tackle fits for the Raiders in this draft.

Tom Compton, South Dakota Round 4

Was a four year starter at left tackle in college although many scouts see him more as a right tackle or perhaps a left guard in the pros. Which so happen to be two positions the Raiders could use some help. Has the intelligence and run blocking skills necessary to play in the zone scheme and Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen will love his work ethic. At 6-5, he is a bit tall for a guard but as a tackle, he is ideal. Went to South Dakota which is part of the reason his stock is not higher much in the same way that Jared Veldheer was available in round three.

Nate Potter, Boise State Round 5

At 295 pounds, he is a little light for a typical tackle but he has the frame to add weight. Although the Raiders may be fine with his weight as it is. The zone does lend itself to more athletic linemen. Even so, Potter will be a developmental prospect who needs to hit the weight room and with that will come more power as well as weight gain. He is another guy who played left tackle in college but who scouts see translating to right tackle in the pros. Either way, he is an ideal zone blocking fit. He is also 6-5 and therefore a little tall for a zbs guard.

Andrew Datko, Florida State Round 6

A four year starter at Florida State, although he was lost for the latter half of his senior season with a shoulder injury. Like the others, played left tackle in college but is seen as being more suited for right tackle in the pros. He is a very large man at 6-6, 314 pounds. He has the mental qualities that make him attractive to McKenzie and the Raiders. He is a smart, competitive, technician with a great work ethic to continue to improve his skills. Some consider his durability to be a concern although before his shoulder injury as a senior, he was plenty durable. That concern is part of the reason his stock has fallen. But if the Raiders don't see it as a concern, Datko could be a late round gem.

Undrafted free agents:

John Cullen, Utah: 6-4, 297

Steven Baker, East Carolina: 6-8, 310

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