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2012 Raider draft radar: Offensive guard

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Darren Evans #32 of the Virginia Tech Hokies celebrates with teammates Greg Nosal #75 Jaymes Brooks #68 and Beau Warren #60
Darren Evans #32 of the Virginia Tech Hokies celebrates with teammates Greg Nosal #75 Jaymes Brooks #68 and Beau Warren #60

The Raiders have three starters on the interior in left guard Cooper Carlisle, center Stefen Wisniewski, and right guard Mike Brisiel. However, they are not completely settled there.

Carlisle is on a one year deal and the Raiders will look to find some young blood to supplant him by next season. That replacement could be Wisniewski if the team is able to find a center with whom they are happy. Brisiel is more settled at right guard on a four year deal but he has missed 30 games in his somewhat short career.

All of this means the Raiders are most definitely on the lookout for a good guard for depth and future starter potential. Here are the offensive guards who best fit that bill.

Tony Bergstrom, Utah Round 3

Considered by many to be the top zone blocking guard in this draft. There is a good chance he won't be available by the time the Raiders big at the end of the third, but if he is still on the board, he would be a solid pick. He was a right tackle in college so some people have him listed there. He certainly has the size of a tackle at 6-5, 315 pounds. It is his short arms that have him destined for a move inside. Think Robert Gallery.

Senio Kelemete, Washington Round 4

If the Raiders miss out on Bergstrom, Kelemete is a great consolation prize. Enough so that they could even take him in round three. He started his college career at defensive tackle and moved to the other side of the ball after that. As an offensive lineman, he quickly became a full time starter. He played both inside and outside for the Huskies and at 6-3, 300 has ideal size and athleticism necessary to thrive in a zone scheme.

Jaymes Brooks, Virginia Tech Round 6

Brooks is very experienced and durable as a four year starter at Virginia Tech. At 6-2, 309 pounds, he is a thick bodied mauler with good athleticism. He has a firm grasp on angles and leverage as well which make him ideal for a zone scheme. He falls to round six due to some inconsistency during his four seasons with the Hokies. But he is versatile and can play center if called upon which means if he shows skills at center, he could take over there and Stefen Wisniewski could move back to left guard.

Undrafted free agent

Blake DeChristopher, Virginia Tech: 6-4, 313

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