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Oakland Raiders select OG Tony Bergstrom at 95

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There it is Raider Nation. The first pick of the Post Al Davis Era is in the books!


Tony Bergstrom is a beast of an O-Lineman who anchored the line on an 8-5 team that beat Georgia 30-27 in the 2011 Sun Bowl.

At 6'5" and 313 pounds, Bergstrom was all an All Pac-12 Selection in 2011 who will probably move inside to Guard for Oakland. Bergstrom plays with a mean streak and he looks to team up with Wiz, Veldheer and Brisiel to give Oakland a beefy, mean offensive line.

It is funny to see how different the Oakland Raiders are operating in their first draft without Al Davis around. They resisted the temptation to trade away the 2013 Draft for some gifted athletes this year and instead of selecting a project corner with the 95th pick, they chose a solid Offensive Guard who has the make-up of a player who could be around for the next 10 years.

You know I used to always be jealous when other teams would select good football players with their picks and the Raiders would always choose the best athletes. I really like this pick...A Lot!

From Walter Football:

4/24/12: At the Senior Bowl, Bergstrom showed off some nice power and quality athleticism. He held his own against the defensive linemen that other All-Stars were struggling with. Bergstrom has the strength to anchor against bull rushes while his time playing on the edge helped him to slide with speed rushers.

The senior was a first-team all Pac-12 selection in 2011. He was a three-year starter at right tackle for the Utes. In the NFL, Bergstrom would probably be better off if he moved inside to guard.

What do you think Nation? Now that it has sunk in, what are your thoughts about this new direction?