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Raiders draft pick Bergstrom a Wisniewski offensive guard discovery

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The Raiders picked an offensive lineman with their first pick in the draft. His name is Tony Bergstrom from University of Utah and he was uncovered by Raiders' legendary left guard Steve Wisniewski.

Bergstrom played tackle in college and many projected him as a low round pick as a tackle. But what was overlooked by many (but not all) was he was more of a guard prospect than a tackle. It was the position he played the Senior Bowl and Wisniewski was in attendance to see his performance.

"I had interviewed with [the Raiders] at the Senior Bowl and again at the Combine." Said Bergstrom. "They saw me at all of those things. There was contact, there were interviews, there was plenty of that."

"I talked to coach Wisniewski, I believe, the assistant O-line coach... It was mostly just trying to get in my head a little bit, have me draw some plays up, kind of get to know me more than anything. He kind of instilled in my mind we're starting a new era with the Oakland Raiders and they've got a whole new thing going, and they're honoring the past and coming into the new system and a new time. I'm excited to be a part of that."

"I got to have a taste of [playing guard] at the Senior Bowl. I played all right tackle through most of my college career, a little bit of left tackle, and went to the Senior Bowl and played only left guard. I've already had a bit of a taste for it. There's a little growing pains, I'm sure there will be, coming into this new league and switching positions. But, it's something that came pretty naturally to me. It was fun. I'm not going to lie to you. You get inside, it's not so much finesse anymore, it's a little more gritty. I feel like I'm capable of making that transition."

And if anyone recognizes a solid guard when he sees one, it's Steve Wisniewski. He played Hall of Fame caliber left guard in the NFL for the Raiders for 13 seasons.