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2012 Raider draft radar: Round 5 live draft board

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Josh Chapman #99 of the Alabama Crimson Tide
Josh Chapman #99 of the Alabama Crimson Tide

Reggie McKenzie got his Clay Matthews in the fourth round of the draft-- Miles Burris out of San Diego State. He was featured in my Raider draft radar series as a round five selection and they made sure they got him. But there is no time to rest on their laurels, the draft moves on and the Raiders very first non-compensatory pick is coming up in round five.

And with that, we offer the updated Raider draft radar draft board for the fifth round in which the Raiders will have two picks. Just as before, I will be updating this list as the picks come off the board.

Josh Norman | Cornerback | Coastal Carolina

Josh Chapman | Defensive tackle | Alabama

Josh Kaddu, Linebacker, Oregon

David Molk, Center, Michigan

Tom Compton, Offensive tackle, South Dakota

Trevor Guyton, Defensive end, California

Cam Johnson | Defensive end | Virginia

Marvin McNutt | Wide receiver | Iowa

Chase Minnifield | Cornerback | Virginia

Terrell Manning | Outside linebacker | NC State

Travis Lewis | Outside linebacker | Oklahoma

Dan Herron, Running back, Ohio State

Nick Toon, Wide receiver, Wisconsin

Jeff Fuller, Wide receiver, Texas A&M

Nate Potter, Offensive tackle, Boise State

Quinton Saulsberry, Center, Mississippi State

Mike Brewster, Center, Ohio State

Shaun Prater, Cornerback, Iowa

Jonas Gray, Running back, Notre Dame

Juron Criner, Wide receiver, Arizona

Andrew Datko, Offensive tackle, Florida State

William Vlachos, Center, Alabama

James Hanna, Tight end, Oklahoma

Armond Armstead, Defensive end, USC

Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, Defensive tackle, Baylor

Jerry Franklin, Inside Linebacker, Arkansas

Sammy Brown, Outside linebacker, Houston

Tim Fugger, Outside linebacker, Vanderbilt

Coryell Judie, Cornerback/safety, Texas A&M

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