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2012 Raider draft radar: Best available undrafted free agents

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Jonas Gray #25 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Jonas Gray #25 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The draft is over which means teams are hitting the phones fast and furious to convince those players who weren't drafted that their team is the place they want to be. There were quite a few shocking undrafted players this year. Several of whom come at positions the Raiders need help.

There were also quite a few players the Raiders had in for visits who weren't drafted. Here is what the Raiders draft radar undrafted free agents list looks like.

Chase Minnifield, Cornerback, Virginia

Quinton Saulsberry, Center, Mississippi State

Mike Brewster, Center, Ohio State

Jonas Gray, Running back, Notre Dame

Hebron Fangupo, Defensive tackle, BYU

Jaymes Brooks, Offensive guard, Virginia Tech

William Vlachos, Center, Alabama

Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, Defensive tackle, Baylor

Jeff Fuller, Wide receiver, Texas A&M

Jerry Franklin, Inside Linebacker, Arkansas

Sammy Brown, Outside linebacker, Houston

Coryell Judie, Cornerback/safety, Texas A&M

Derrick Coleman, Running back, UCLA

DJ Holt, Linebacker, California

John Cullen, Offensive tackle, Utah

Steven Baker, Offensive tackle, East Carolina

Blake DeChristopher, Offensive guard, Virginia Tech

Lamont Bryant, Tight end, Morgan State

D'Anton Lynn, Cornerback, Penn State