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Raiders kick off undrafted free agency by signing punter

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The undrafted free agency period is in full swing. No sooner did the draft end but the signings have begun pouring in. The first signing by the Raiders is punter Marquette King from Fort Valley State.

Damond Talbot of SB Nation mocking the draft site had this to say about King:

The reason they were so impressed was because he was constantly booming 70 and 80 yard punts on the sidelines of the practice, which were recorded at over 5.6 seconds hangtime. That is a pretty amazing statistic. This year alone Marquette has punted an 80 yarder against Bethune Cookman - University and a 76 yard punt against Clark Atlanta. These punts are not a fluke; this kid can do it, over and over again.

Marquette King might be the most special punter coming out of college since Shane Lechler of Oakland in 2000... This year alone [King] has hit two bombs over 75 yards and they were in the air the complete time.