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Raiders to give 10% of new season ticket sales to Oakland Public Schools

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The Raiders have long been one of the most unique franchises in all of sports. And Saturday they announced one more unprecedented move by the club. They will be donating 10% of all proceeds from new season tickets purchased from May 1st to June 30 to benefit the Oakland Public School system.

As we all know, the school system is in much need of funding, especially in California. Classrooms are overcrowded, books and supplies are lacking and school lunches are, quite frankly, an absolute disgrace.

This initiative by the Oakland Raiders is somewhat unprecedented and they hope to start a trend among other sports teams across the country. To add to this great deal, it won't cost the season ticket purchaser any more money. The donation will come from the Raiders only. And this is not a situation where only a portion of the profits after all parties are paid is donated. No, this is 10% of the total ticket price. So, if you pay $300 for your season tickets, $30 goes to Oakland Public Schools. Period.

Season ticket prices range from around $250 to upwards of $1500. That works out to a lot of money going to a great cause-- our kids.

"We are thrilled to announce our newest youth and community based initiative and we are delighted to assist the Oakland Unified School District," said Raiders President, Amy Trask.

The Raiders kick off the 2012 season in the national spotlight, hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, August 13th on ESPN. The Raiders open the 2012 regular season in prime time, hosting AFC West division rival San Diego Chargers on Monday night, September 10th, in the second half of the ESPN Monday night double header.

Call 1-800-Raiders or visit for information about their season ticket program.