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2012 Battle of the Bay is off

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The NFL Preseason schedule is set to be announced shortly and it is expected that the annual Battle of the Bay preseason matchup between the Raiders and 49ers will not take place this year.

What is usually a highly anticipated event each year for Bay Area bragging rights, spawned several acts of violence between fans at last season's game at Candlestick in San Francisco. The incidents included two men suffering critical gunshot wounds as well as another fan beaten badly in a stadium bathroom.

It made national news and had the NFL security head as well as both teams instituting several new rules for stadium conduct. One of those rules was turning away clearly inebriated fans at the gates. The NFL and the mayors of Oakland and San Francisco jointly called for an end to "intimidation" and acts of violence at sporting events.

This game has always brought in a lot of revenue for both teams as fans would not have to go far to cheer on their team and keep the rivalry going. It would draw large crowds, especially for a preseason game. It was also good for both teams because it was essentially a home game. One less road trip in the preseason in which they try to limit long travel. And for the fans of each team, it was like having three home games each preseason.

But the loss in revenue and perhaps a road trip is a sacrifice both teams are willing to make to keep from having any more incidents like last year from happening again.

The Raiders suffer more here as this year's game would have been at coliseum. The 49ers suffer slightly because they will have to travel farther away.

As usual the acts of a few stupid A-holes ruins it for everyone. Now no one gets to witness the Battle of the Bay this season. It may not even be back next year or anytime in the near future.

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