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Morgan State TE Bryant to visit Raiders

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Morgan State tight end Lamont Bryant (photo by Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun)
Morgan State tight end Lamont Bryant (photo by Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun)

The Oakland Raiders are among three teams that have scheduled visits with Morgan State tight end Lamont Bryant this month according to The Raiders have shown particular interest in tight end prospects of late but this is the first known visit that has been scheduled.

Bryant has some pretty impressive numbers, especially for a guy who is not even on the draft radar.

The 6-4, 224 pound tight end led his team in yards per catch (17.1), which is impressive for any receiver, let alone a tight end. He had 371 yards receiving for the Bears and finished second on the team with 21 catches. He runs a 4.53 40 yard dash.

He also played quarterback in high school which has proven over the years to be a good quality in a receiver due to their experience on the delivering end as well as the receiving end. With his size, big play ability, and athleticism he may even translate as a wide receiver or H-back. As a tight end he would need to put on some weight. But the frame is there to do it and his stock is rising. He may even sneak in as a late round pick.

With all this poking around tight ends the team has been doing of late, they are clearly looking to add one in the draft if the right guy falls to them.

The tight end corps on the Raiders is in need of competition with Brandon Myers as the only experienced tight end and a still unknown commodity in David Ausberry. The current third tight end is Richard Gordon, who is not much of a receiver and played more fullback last season than tight end.