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SB Nation AFC West draft video recap

In the aftermath of the draft, we will now spend as much time as humanly possible dissecting the talent, the strategy, and the usage of the draft for the Raiders. And it is often a pretty good idea to take a look at those teams of whom the Raiders will be facing twice per season. Those, of course being the rival AFC West teams.

SB Nation has been hard at work trying to keep up with the demand for analysis and multimedia content on each an every pick on each and every team in the NFL. That is a tall order considering there were sum 255 draft picks to sift through.

They have assembled their crack team of talking heads and one shining melon (David Fucillo) to tackle this group of teams and their NFL hopefuls.

Here is their take on the AFC West draft picks. Or oerhaps, in the case of the Raiders, their lack of picks:

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