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Miles Burris proposed to his High School sweetheart day after Raiders drafted him

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Former San Diego State and current Oakland Raiders linebacker Miles Burris (photo by San Diego State)
Former San Diego State and current Oakland Raiders linebacker Miles Burris (photo by San Diego State)

The Raiders opted to go with a lot of mature, stable, and religious players in this draft. It was all part of McKenzie's plan to change the culture in Oakland. We found out shortly after he was drafted by the Raiders, that linebacker Miles Burris fits right into that category.

He had an interview with the Bay Area sports station 95.7 The Game on Tuesday where he revealed that no sooner did the Sacramento native learn that he would be staying at home to begin his NFL career, but he got a head start settling down.

"After I was drafted, I tweeted that I'm happy to be an Oakland Raider. I just got engaged to my girlfriend actually the day after so I tweeted that."

"She's from Sacramento. She went to Granite Bay with me. We've been dating for over seven years."

"She's a special one."

Burris spent the last four years in San Diego while his longtime girlfriend was attending UC Santa Barbara. That is quite a commitment for such a young man. And if any of you have been to San Diego or SDSU in particular, you know what I am talking about.

Burris and his new fiancé will both get to settle down near where they grew up in Northern California with Miles' new career in the NFL and with the Raiders.

"Man, I'm really excited." Said Burris. "It's just awesome to be part of the Raider Nation, to be able to throw on that Silver and Black. I just can't wait to get out there. It's gonna be a fun deal."

He won't have to wait long. Unlike some other drafted players, he will be able to join the team right away.

"I actually graduated in December so I'm going to be able to head up there on the 10th and I think everything kind of starts up physically on the 12th."

When you listen to Burris talk, it is not hard to see why the Raiders chose him with the fourth round pick.

"I met with [the Raiders] and their whole staff at the combine and they expressed that they were definitely interested and liked the way I played and I interviewed well with them and it was great to get picked by them a couple days ago."

"I think there's only one way to play the game and that's give it everything you've got and then some. Sometimes you gotta dig deep and find something within you that you don't usually have."

"I'm an explosive and powerful player and I have a lot of versatility but I'm just going to give you everything I've got. I've got a motor and I love to balance the game. I go after the ball with bad intentions. I just love the game and I'm excited to be part of this team and wherever the coaches think I can help the most, I'm willing to do that. I just want to win."

On where he line up in the San Diego State 3-3-5 defense:

"In that defense, it's a three linebacker system. It's right outside linebacker, left outside linebacker which are interchangeable and there's one Mike [linebacker] and I played right outside. I played all of them at one point or another but mostly I was the right outside linebacker. Their defense is kind of the linebacker's dream. I got to play all over the place, primarily as the edge rusher contain player but I got to play outside the box in coverage, inside the box as a Tampa two player, blitz from the inside, blitz off the edge, I got to do it all. It was a dream for me and it kinda helped in translating into the NFL because I got to show my versatility."

"I did play inside linebacker my whole life and still did in our scheme in certain situations so I still feel comfortable at that position but more recently the past couple years I was the edge rusher type player so I just feel comfortable with both of them."

On why he wore the number nine in college:

"Funny story with nine, my favorite player growing up was Steve McNair when I first started getting into football because of how dynamic he was and how tough he was. So I've been wearing number nine ever since I've been playing."

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